Consultation Fees

Terms and Conditions

Mr Griffiths is recognized by the major medical insurance companies for private health cover. For those wishing to self finance consultations and treatment we accept cheques and credit cards.

New patient consultation£200 – £250
Old patient returning after more than one year£200 – £250
Follow up consultation£130 – £150
Bladder scan£30
Cervical smear£30

Please note that there may be additional hospital charges.

Consultation fees tend to be higher to see a Gynaecologist than other specialities due to the cost of medical malpractice insurance.

For medically insured patients we will invoice your insurance company on your behalf after each consultation. If there is a shortfall or non payment, it is the patient's responsibility to ensure that the payment of any balance is made promptly.

For uninsured patients we will invoice you directly. Payment is required within ten working days of receipt. Personal payment can be made by cheque to ‘Octavia Healthcare’ at the Ridgeway Hospital. If you wish to pay by BACS the details can be found on the invoice.

Operative Fees

Patients requiring treatment on an inpatient basis have the option of the facilities at The Ridgeway Hospital in Wroughton or The Shalbourne Suite, Great Western Hospital, Swindon. Mr. Griffiths’s fees are in accordance with the published medical insurance companies guidelines. For those not covered by private health insurance we are able to offer competitive fixed rate packages at these hospitals.

Unpaid accounts

Please note that payment of our invoice is due on presentation. If we do not receive payment we will refer the debt to a collection agency to recover the outstanding monies. In this event the costs associated with the recovery will also be added onto your final bill.

Cancelled/missed appointments

Should you need to cancel an appointment please give as much notice as possible. There is no charge for cancelled appointments. If an appointment is missed without notice then a fee of £30 and £50 will be incurred for a follow up and new patient appointment respectively.

The Hysterectomy Centre works with these medical Insurance companies:

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